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Telquest International Equipment Repairs

Telquest International provides warranties and repairs for all products listed on this site.

Repairs Performed On-Site

Our repair and refurbishing facility services most brands of business telephones and components. With experience of over 30 years in the telecom industry, we offer you top quality repairs and refurbishing for your needs. Because we never rely on third parties to perform repairs, our customers can always expect a quick turnaround and quality service.

We serialize all items to ensure that our one year warranty is properly documented. Then, according to your specific order, we will repair and refurbish these items.

Our extensive refurbishing department will replace old buttons, clean or replace plastics if discolored and make your old phones appear as new. If needed, we will also replace mylars, hookswitches, speakers, microphones and any other component that might be faulty with your telephone.

Every Repair Service Includes:

• Tests for all standard features.

• Preventive maintenance to stop issues from reoccurring.

• Repairs and replacements to resolve all known common problems.

• A full cleaning with removal of ink, sticker, and tape.

• New designation papers to replace all missing / used papers.

• Replacement curly cord and line cord (for phone repairs).

• Shrink-wrapping of each product before returning to customer.

• Repairs for defective handsets at no charge (or replacements at minimal cost if not repairable).

Why Repair?

Sometimes, certain phones and equipment are impossible to find in the marketplace. Repairs might be your only option if you do not wish to replace your whole telephone system, which can be expensive. Others choose to refurbish their old phones to give the impression of a newly renovated office.

Whatever your need might be, Telquest International can help you save money and impress your customers with a modern look for your old telephone system.

Don't Want to Fix It? Trade It!

For those who do not have the time to wait for the repair of your phone or component, we offer this valuable program just for you. Find out more information on our Equipment Trade-Ins page.