TelQuest Rewards

How does it Work?

Create an account to automatically start earning points and discounts! When you create your account, you will automatically get $50 off your first purchase (the promo code will automatically be applied at checkout).

How Do I Earn Points?

For every two dollars you spend, you will earn one point towards your TelQuest Rewards. You will earn a promo code (at least 10% off) when you reach 250, 750, 1250, and 1750 points.

How do I use my promo codes?

As soon as you hit 250, 750, 1250, or 1750 points, you will recieve an email with your promo code and you can add it to checkout on your next purchase!

All TelQuest rewards will be reset every six months- January 1st & July 1st. Any active promo codes that you have will no longer be available for use. To avoid losing your promo codes, please make sure to make a purchase by the six month mark and apply the promo code at checkout. All promo codes received from TelQuest Rewards are exclusive and can only be used once. TelQuest Rewards promo codes cannot be combined with any other promo codes.