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Telquest International Leasing Information

Leasing offers companies the ease and security of the latest telephone system in a flexible, cost effective way. Obtain the use of the latest, cost saving, productivity enhancing telephone system without direct capital expenditures.

Why Lease?


Companies have different needs, different cash-flow patterns, and different streams of income. Start-up companies may have little cash while mature companies may have other needs. Leasing can overcome any budget restriction.


Get the system with the critical features you need now. Your new system will keep you in touch with customers and generate revenue, so pay as you go! If new technology becomes available, or you outgrow your current telephone system, you will never be locked into owning an irrelevant system.

Cost Effectiveness

What better way to pay for it than with tomorrow's dollars? Why take the risk of paying for an expensive telephone system when the technology or your needs might change in a matter of just a few years?

Tax Advantages

Business owners can simply make a lease payment and deduct it as a business expense.

Operating Capital

Leasing keeps your bank lines of credit open. Leasing does not require a large down payment. Use your cash to better manage your business.

For Leasing Application or More Information:

Send Us an Email to: sales@telquestintl.com or Call Us at: 973-808-4588